DIY Dreamcatchers

DISCLAIMER: If you have severe allergens to things like pollen, plants, trees, animals, nature, LIFE is general. This project is NOT for you! Please educate yourself on the “dangers” of the outdoors and know how to identify poison ivy, poison oak, bears, fugitives, werewolves and anything indigenous to your local area.

Tarot Journaling

So you want to learn the tarot and don’t know where to start? Journaling can be a fun creative process that helps to connect with the cards.

the True Black Tarot

  Watch it here Title: True Black Tarot Creator: Arthur Wang Number of Cards: 79 Pages in Guidebook: 112 Card Size: 18pt stock Top Three Favorite Cards: The Devil, King of Swords, 4 of Pentacles Every detail has carefully been chosen to embody an exacting perfection, creating a deck that lasts a lifetime and speaks…