Top 3 Tarot Apps

Whether you are looking for tarot information on the go with the convenience of learning on your phone,or perhaps its a financially viable option, instead of purchasing books or taking a class we can just download an app and begin or strengthen our journey of learning the tarot. Today we are going to talk about the Top 3 Tarot Apps available in the app store.

I will preface by saying that these apps are available in the iphone/apple app store, I am unaware if they are available on other devices however I would assume they are. The information I am going to give on the apps are also my personal experience and opinion on these apps that is by no means going to be the same for everyone!

Now although there are a plethora of apps available in order to narrow down our search I had a few requirements for these tarot apps in order to make the top 3 list:

  • The app offered some form of educational information about the tarot (there are plenty of tarot apps available for entertainment purposes and I’m not knocking those niche of tarot apps but they don’t serve the greater purpose of this blog to actually learn the tarot)
  • The app has above 1k downloads, meaning it is a wider accepted app to use ( no offense to the other apps but if you only had 12 people download your app I thought it was safe to assume it wasn’t worth my time to review)

Now with that out of the way we narrowed down our search from 20ish or so apps available down to 3. Which in my opinion is a little sad, personally I would like to see more comprehensive apps on divination created some day but we’ll get into that more later. But for now….Introducing THE TOP 3 Tarot Apps available in 2020!

Tarot Card Reading

This first app barely squeaked in on the top 3 list BUT it did make it. The Tarot Card Reading App although it primary focuses on the entertainment value with such categories as: tarot card readings, horoscopes and numerology there IS a little sprinkle of educational value. When I say ‘sprinkle’ I do mean sprinkle lol

Under the tab ‘card meanings’ is where you can find more of a quick reference guide to….yes, the card meanings. Each of the cards are pictured in full color and when clicked on give both an upright and reversed meanings for the cards. Each description is 3-4 sentence explanation and although I wouldn’t personally recommend using this source to truly LEARN the tarot, it is convenient to utilize as a quick reference guide.

Tarot Card Memorizer

This app is created through ‘Brainscapes’ which focuses more on the educational aspect of tarot. For those looking to study and log their progress with their studying then this app might work for you.

BUT…from what I’ve seen it’s downfall is not PROVIDING the study information but focuses on the tracking. The system is used more like ‘flash cards’ prompting the user to write out or verbalize their knowledge on the card and then verifying whether they are correct or not.

While I think there is value in utilizing different forms of learning and memorization I think there is a missed opportunity not providing a lot of information. Now…they DO provide the 5-6 keywords which you are quizzed on however as a learner of tarot the cards are MUCH more than that. At least the previous app provided a few sentences on the cards which still felt like it wasn’t enough. So only having a few keywords and then quizzing you on it is just….. meh!

Labyrinthos Tarot Reading

Well after talking about the previous two tarot apps this tarot app seems like a breathe of fresh air lol. It’s no surprise to me for being one of the very few tarot apps that focuses on learning that this one has over 4k downloads! Though this app DOES have a ‘tarot reading’ section and of course a shop…because we all need to make money…the emphasis seems to be on it’s educational side!

Under the ‘learn’ tab there are many different lessons available along with pretty chunky blogs written on the topics they cover. The lessons are broken down into smaller activities that make learning simple, fun and quick.

Personally I’ve been testing out the app and learning about Lenormand, but users can select other catagories such as : tarot upright, tarot reversed, astrology and tarot concepts. Each lesson is then even further broken down into little selections and have fun interactive quizzes on the topics.

If one were to use a tarot app for learning THIS is the one I would highly recommend! Not that there’s tons of options (clearly) but this one stands out above the rest!

Closing Statements:

I’m actually rather disappointed in the lack of educational tarot material in the app world. The majority of options are specifically entertainment based which….if that’s your thing then by all means… personally I’d argue that a computer reading or a generic newspaper horoscope is NOT going to be specific to you or provide value and insight into your life or situation…but who am I to judge? Kidding….kidding….I’m TOTALLY judging you πŸ™‚ lol but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you any less.

I can see why people might choose to use an app for learning the tarot but considering the options it wouldn’t be my personal recommendation. There are PLENTY of free resources online: between Google and YouTube there is ENDLESS amounts of free educational material available in order to learn the tarot. I also feel that most tarot books that are typically included with your tarot deck are excellent resources as well. They give you if not as much, possible more information into the cards, deck, spreads, etc. and are a great place to start. Most independent decks tarot guides are very intriguing and educational as well!

Do you use any tarot apps? Is there one you use for learning/educational purposes that I did NOT include here? Either way comment down below and share with the rest of the Squirrel Nest so we can all learn and grow together!

Much love and light…..stay Squirrely my friend πŸ˜‰

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  1. Did two readings last night. Was fun and my memory came back faster than I thought. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the inspiration! I did a different deck for both.

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  2. Sue Ann (Suna) Kendall says:

    I like the Robin Wood app because it’s the same as the book and is always with me.

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