Get to know me better…

I’m not usually one to participate in community VR’s or Hastags that are going around HOWEVER I felt a little squirrely today and wanted to join in on a particular VR… but in my own way.

This tag is inspired by the conversation of “Get to know your Tarot Tubers” or something along those lines, but I had to put my own little fun twist on it! There’s something innate in us that we can not only find common bonds through similarities… but we can also bond on our shared distaste for things as well! Essentially that’s what this tag is… a rant session lol Where I share with you some everyday things that just get under my skin! Hopefully we can bond over this and get a little bit closer knowing we both hate the same things. lol

So this is my #MyAntiTag … Want to participate? I would love to see what are some everyday things that make your blood boil! 🙂 Make sure to use the hashtag so I can find your video as I would love to see if we have anything in common 😉

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