Spirit Within Tarot

The Spirit Within Tarot by Steven Bright is a 78 card tarot deck that although I wasn’t initially attracted to turned out to be such a wonderful deck. This is a classic case of looks can be deceiving and I’ll tell you why:


The cards come in a durable magnetic box with string and accompanying guidebook. Cards are slightly smaller than traditional tarot size cards, on good card stock and a semi-gloss finish. My one complaint for this deck is the gloss finish…

I’m not sure if this is specific to my deck or if others are experiencing this issue as well? But whatever finish is on the cards make it a big difficult for me to shuffle. The cards want to bunch together so whether its a riffle or hand over hand, you have to like, jam? the cards back together. I’m not sure of a better way to describe it other than the cards don’t like to be shuffled lol

At a quick superficial glance at the deck I wasn’t overly impressed. But after spending time looking through each card and ESPECIALLY checking out the book I was rather impressed! This deck for sure will be a great deck to mention in my next month’s episode of Good Decks for Beginners or Nah? series!


The book uses ‘I AM’ descriptors for each of the cards making the cards more relatable as they are a person. Along with the ‘I Am’ statement you get full detailed description and keywords as well!

Each of the suits has their own color which is nice as it is a subtle reminder to the reader for information recall. Steven uses shadowed silhouettes in the cards and is still able to translate emotions to the reader through posture or scenery situations very well. Initially the cards appear to just be 2D but when pay attention you start to see he is able to achieve more depth in the cards through these colors and tones.

I find myself still struggling with Court cards but in the Spirit Within I think the court of cups are perfect! I immediately bring these ‘feels’ into the card by replacing the shadow with an image, perhaps from a movie or show, that immediately brings an emotional response and triggers the memory of the cards!


There’s quite a few cards in the deck that I am in love with because of this. I review each of these cards in my video linked down below. But overall I find it interesting how the shadow figures are there in order to allow my mind to fill the gaps and get meaning from the cards!

For now I’ll keep man-handling the deck and hopefully wear it in enough for easy use lol

If you would like to buy the deck CLICK HERE

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  1. morgantarot says:

    Cool, I like decks that have different colours for the suits.

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  2. thank you for your review
    colours and shadows of this deck are inviting
    if each day is explored with all of the shadows and colours that they bring imagine how colourful shadows would be on the inside

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