Deck Modification- MOD with Me


To mod or modify a deck is to alter the deck in any way for purposes of aesthetics or function. Usually deck modifications consist of cutting borders off decks, rounding corners and edging the deck with colors.

All of which personally I have never understood! It’s my personal belief that a deck is a work of art. All aspects from the art itself, to the type of card stock, size, shape etc. are all choices of the artist and how they want to represent their work. I appreciate the diversity within decks which is why I like to collect.

Now, I hear what people are saying, but I’m not sure it computes. Like, I understand you may not be able to use, or hold the deck properly due to it’s size so you wish to cut the deck to better suit your needs. I just think… life is too short… and there are too many decks out there! So…either I wont buy the deck or I won’t use it in that case! Personally, being an Aries I have ZERO patience to do any of this!

So…. I thought it’d be a GREAT idea to torture myself and modify my first deck!!! lol


First I jumped on my Instagram account and polled my followers asking what tools I needed in order to do this job! Thank you to everyone’s feedback on this, otherwise I probably would have been lost! lol

So like the 65 year old lady I’m becoming I was at Michaels first thing when they opened in the morning to get all my supplies! lol This is what I used:


So I’m going to have to apologize right off the bat, because just like the shit-show that is my life, half way through filming I realized I hadn’t taken any before pictures lol And at this point the after pictures are so terrible I’m embarrassed to even admit I attempted to do this project lol

Click the link down below to watch the video and come Mod with Me and have a grand ‘ole time laughing at my expense 🙂

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  1. I always use my Fiskar left handed/right handed scissors as I am a lefty. Best thing ever! Left handed people can use right handed people’s scissors but not long and they start to hurt

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