Decks LEAVING my collection- Tarot PURGE

Hey what’s up Squirrel Family, Pappa Squirrel here aka Brian πŸ™‚ For those of you that know I’m a planner, always thinking ahead. This morning I was having my coffee and planning my content for the future, anxiety raising at the thought of my next tarot deck collection video. At this point I have basically doubled my collection after the MEGA Tarot Haul in January. So before I can think about even doing a tarot deck collection video, I need to get rid of some decks….

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with these decks, I just have a problem with spending lol There’s nothing wrong with these decks, I just don’t use them or feel I need them in my collection. Most of them I’ve maybe shuffled them even once, I’ve only used them to make a video or photograph with them. There’s a part of me that feels bad because I don’t connect with them. It’s more important to me that I find them a loving home, where they will be treated right, with a big back yard to run in, and a loving owner that will play with them regularly!

That’s why I think it’s time for the first Annual Purge! Who’s ready for a good tarot deck collection purge !?!?

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  1. S. Hunter says:

    Good home over here πŸ‘‹πŸΎ. I wish I planned as well as you. Still trying to get my content out πŸ™„πŸ˜³

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    1. Lol well if your interested DM me on Instagram @ PappaSquirrelsNest or Facebook @ Pappa Squirrel


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