White Witch Tarot

The White Witch Tarot by Maja D’Aoust explores the 22 Major Arcana cards through her art. The deck comes in a really sturdy ribbon box along with a guidebook. Pictured above, the deck is edged in gold foil and the cards are shorter, but thicker than your standard tarot card with a gloss finish.


With a masterful balance of wit and wisdom, the White Witch Tarot lovingly created by Maja D’Aoust, is a deck of true beauty, intrigue and playful poetic riddles to challenge the status quo. In both verse and art, Maja helps you to envision and co-create your own reality by inspiring resolutions, a deeper soul connection, accessing projections of incarnations, all while revealing powerful truths and our own magnificence.

Aiden Chase

Now… do you want a real life quote ?

I’m not impressed

Pappa Squirrel

Part of my disappointment was my expectation of the deck (which was NOT just a major’s only deck) and the other part was the book. I don’t understand AT ALL the poetry description of the cards. It literally may as well be written in a different language.

I have no doubt that some, as Aiden Chase did, found the poetic descriptors a breath of fresh air and “challenging the status quo.” My opinion… you missed the shot, by alot.

The majors only I can get over. But the book? It’s already difficult enough to comprehend what I’m looking at with some of the images, I would have much preferred her to explain WHY the image is that way, or what inspired her, or HOW she came about creating that work of art.


Because that’s what it is, art! That’s why I wanted to get the deck. I thought the artwork was rather interesting and unique. It’s just sad the rest was a disappointment to me!

If you like the deck it’s very inexpensive on Amazon, you can CLICK HERE TO BUY it.

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  1. a major arcana that seems rather challenging to work with

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