the Top 10 Mistakes new tarot readers make

As a new tarot reader it can be very overwhelming when trying to learn all the things! I wish we could just download information into our brains like that scene in the Matrix and be done. Wouldn’t learning be so much easier that way? lol

Although the learning process can be stressful it doesn’t have to be at all. More importantly, understanding that this journey of understanding is more of just that…a journey, certainly not a race. In my opinion trusting your intuition is key, doing what feels right, making it an organic process certainly eases some of those anxieties!

I’ve actually teamed up today with some of the top Tarot Tubers to share their personal experiences and lend advice on the top 10 mistakes that new tarot readers make! Not only pointing out simple mistakes we all tend to make but giving advice of what to do instead gives better insight into learning tarot!

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Depending too much on the book

It’s true that guidebooks are wonderful sources of information don’t get me wrong, I love a juicy guidebook. I strongly suggest in order to grow as a reader that once you lay you cards down: sit with them, study them, what do you see, feel, what thoughts come to mind? Look at the cards, what are the similarities, is there a pattern? Write down the messages you get from the cards. This is important for gaining trust in yourself and strengthening your intuition. Now, when your done with this you can check back with the book. This can affirm what you received during the reading and strengthen your understanding. Remember… YOU are the oracle, the cards are merely the tool. Trust in your intuition!


Thinking a card is either good or bad

When you see something like the Tower, the Devil, the 10 of swords you may have a natural reaction to think these are ‘bad’ cards. No, there is no such thing. The cards are simply trying to guide you, and show you a better direction, to find the light at the end of the tunnel. They may be showing you a particular moment but it is also trying to show you the light at the end of the tunnel. Try and look at from this perspective. These ‘bad’ cards are showing you moments of needed release, periods of growth and moments of learning.

Over complicating everything

Beginners try coming into the field feeling like they need to memorize everything. From tarot to symbolism to Kabbalah, every astrology, numerology and so on. In reality people who want a tarot reading from you want YOUR opinion about it, what YOUR intuition says about it. If they really wanted they could look up a definition themselves. Use your own intuition, having your own unique style, your own unique opinion about what the cards and images mean. All this relates a lot more than just spewing memorized facts. So UN-complicate it, go back to the beginning and find out what sparks your intuition!


Taking it TOO seriously

Sometimes the information is like a river, and we want to put a damn up because we want to control it. We need to allow this river to flow, allow this information to come to us as its naturally meant to be. This water, or information can splash around everywhere and can get messy, but that’s ok. Have fun with it. Let loose, let your hair down. Allow those walls of control to come down and allow things to happen organically as they are meant to be. This will be much more natural and allow the messages to flow!

Wanting to be right

Before we pull our cards sometimes its easy to have some presumptions about what cards we are going to get. So if were having a bad day were expecting to see negative cards. So when we pull our cards and it contradict our pre-belief in the system, that is going to throw off your reading. Going into this deciding yourself where you want your future to go, you wanting to be right and not letting the cards communicate. Some people feel the need to reshuffle so that we can get the cards we want. This is disrespectful to the deck itself, your not trusting the intuition of the cards chosen simply because it does not match what you want to hear. Sometimes we need to focus in on things that are not in line with what you were thinking. Trust in the tarot and your intuition and understand that the cards chosen are a message there for a good reason and good measure!


Feeling like you need to memorize EVERY card

Alot of people feel like before they can do a reading you need to memorize all the cards. Confidence and understanding of the cards is something that will be established over time. It’s a good way to build your intuition and confidence and understand you don’t need to memorize everything at once. Have the confidence in finding new meanings the more you learn and grow. Different situations being presented to you can give new insights into cards throughout this journey of learning with tarot. If you rely solely on definitions, you might be missing a whole wealth of information because your locked into this and not have the confidence to vary and go off what someone else has told you what it means. You will always find slightly or vastly different definitions of the cards. Learning the cards is a great goal but remain open! You could be missing out opportunities to reflect on the cards strengthening your intuition and understanding.

Boundaries: Not asking the tarot EVERYTHING

Healthy boundaries around tarot questions are really important. Health related questions about serious health related questions are a great example. As a reader you may have a client that is in denial of a diagnosis, or vulnerable. Turn it around, make it positive, suggest they seek the advice of a medical professional. As a tarot reader we are not qualified to give such answers and potentially can be dangerous.


Not trusting your intuition

It’s easy to spend so much time to try and memorize the meaning of a card and not saying or thinking what you FEEL about the card. The more you start to trust your intuition the more intuitive hits you start to get from your readings. Follow your intuition, follow your heart.

Looking at the cards one at a time

Looking at the cards, one by one in their own micro universe instead of seeing the bigger picture that exists in your reading. When drawing multiple cards you want to look at the story the cards are telling you. How do these cards connect? When you read the cards together you get an amazing context that allows you to build a much more cohesive story and give better advice.

Thinking there is only one meaning per card

Every tarot card has more than one meaning, there are many symbols, images, etc. within each card to derive different meanings from the cards. This gives flexibility to the reading and allows the reader to either pull from knowledge or intuition, and of course how then the cards connect and tell the story. Take a look at every card and look at it from different perspectives as each of the cards offer different stories to provide you further insight.


A BIG thank you to all of the Tarot Tubers that collaborated to make this project happen!

It’s always so much fun working with others and pooling knowledge together to give others learning tools to help them grow! I believe it’s through our shared experiences that we can have a better understanding of tarot and learning how to read and I take this advice as invaluable! I appreciate each and every one of these people for taking time out of their day to work with me and hopefully bring you some goodness 🙂

If you would like to check out their content feel free to click on their names below! They’re all amazing readers and highly recommend you stopping by, saying hi and making friends 🙂

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  1. Gosh thank you
    This article is excellent
    Each Tarot Card tells a story
    A Tarot Card Spread broadens each story out

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  2. Sue Ann (Suna) Kendall says:

    Great post. I’ll have to share.

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    1. Aww thank you that would be so awesome and much appreciated 🙏🏻


  3. beawed says:

    Wow. Perfect info for newbies and I agree wholeheartedly with the list. Proud to say it’s already incorporated into my practice.

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    1. Yaaayyyy 🙂


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