Good Deck for a Beginner or Nah? – pt. 3


Hey Baby Squirrel and welcome back to the Squirrel Nest for part 3 of my series: Good Deck for a Beginner or Nah?

If this is your first time joining me, each month we review tarot decks within the RWS system that are conducive for newbs, such as myself, for learning and/or memory recall. We started the series solely looking at RWS clones and have since expanded into various other artistic interpretations.

Check out the first two series if you’d like:

As always all links will be available for each of the decks so if you would like to see more, read more, or purchase the deck feel free to click at your convenience!

This first deck came suggested by multiple subscribers as Janet Danes mentions above… is the closest reproduction of the traditional RWS deck: The Golden Art Nouveau Tarot.

This deck provides all the visual insights of a traditional deck with the addition of alot of BLING! If you love beautifully drawn updated versions of the classic deck with gold foiling on almost every square inch then this is your deck!


Next up on the list is the Darkness of Light Tarot by Tony DiMauro. This 78 card deck based in the classic system gives a more serious, or darker tone to the traditional imagery.

It’s kinda like when Batman exchanged the neon colors, terrible storylines and cheesy commentary for the Dark Knight. Instead of marketing to teens it has a more grave and gritty real-life feel to the story making it more appropriate for adults.

Now I wouldn’t rate this deck ‘R’ by any means but you understand what I mean.


Another widely mentioned deck of course is Chris Anne’s the Lightseer’s Tarot. And yes, trust me, as many subscribers that mentioned this one I was purposefully saving to mention this deck. I didn’t want to come right out the gate with it 😉

I personally have this deck and have written a full blog dedicated to this deck alone. There are many great things I feel this deck brings to the community and to readers of all abilities. If you want to know more about it feel free to check out the post.

Another great suggestion I’m not sure I’ve heard of before this from subscriber Cancer Moon Rising is the Tarot Illuminati. What a really cool deck this is!

The colors are so rich and really add depth to the imagery, the art is very well done and even looks almost like a photo. This certainly has been added to my deck wish-list! I feel like the Tarot Illuminati has stayed true to the classic imagery while making it into a stunning piece of art!


Another recommended deck I had never heard of was the Delos Tarot.

Now although this is not particularly my cup of tea for a $27 deck you can’t complain! If your not into the darker, more serious, adult themed decks but need something more lighthearted, cheerful and bubbly in your collection then this deck is a great idea.

Taking traditional imagery and making them far more cute and playful it still can be helpful for newbs to learn with without being intimidating!

Pictured below on the left is the Hanson Roberts Tarot and on the right the Druid Craft Tarot. Both with a very similar aesthetic, in my opinion, but both excellent suggestions for beginner decks.

Both are very inexpensive decks that while sticking to the traditional system add their own artistic flair to the cards. They both have this old world, pagany, 70’s-esk kinda vibe to them. So if that’s your thing then these are your decks!

I will say this much…since I have started this series the Druid Craft has been mentioned by handfuls of subscribers. Now although this is not my jam, clearly it has made an impact on quite a few people so I’d assume it’s definitely worth checking out!


The last deck I want to bring up I made mention of it in my Most Anticipated Decks for Spring 2020 is the Neo Rider Tarot.

Although this deck is currently not available on the market you may still have time to back it on Kickstarter! Feel free to click the article to read a bit more about it or to fund the project.

In short: This RWS clone breathes new life into the deck, offering customers 4 different versions to connect with and I couldn’t wrap this up without mentioning it!

What decks do YOU feel are best for newbs?

Want your chance to get featured on this next installment? Head over to my Tube channel by clicking the link below and comment on the video what decks you feel are best for beginners and why!

Sharing is caring, and the more we learn together the more we grow together!

Also there’s this internal part of me that’s always looking for “perfect” excuses for my tarot wish-list to grow, so I appreciate your enabling lol

Until next time Baby Squirrel thank you for joining me here today in the Squirrel Nest! I hope you found this information to be somewhat helpful! Know a newb looking for suggestions for good beginner decks? Share this blog, share the video and maybe we can help together 🙂 Much love and light!

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  1. thank you once again
    the Delos Tarot Deck is beckoning

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    1. Whispering your name while your trying to think of saving money lol


  2. teee heee
    how did you guess
    hmmm a lop sided Four of Swords

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  3. Sue Ann (Suna) Kendall says:

    These are such good suggestions. Thanks for sharing the whole series.

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    1. Thank you for taking time to leave some love

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