Tarot Responsibly : The Coalition of Tarot and Safety (CTS)

Encourage your family, friends and others to be responsible with tarot by sharing this :

If you tarot, health care providers advise limiting how much you tarot. This is called tarot in moderation, or responsible tarot. This means more than just limiting yourself to a certain number of tarot decks. It also means not letting tarot control your life or your relationships.

TIPS of tarot responsibly:

  • Never tarot and drive
  • Never tarot on an empty stomach
  • Never tarot and run
  • If you take any medications check with your doctor before you tarot
  • If tarot runs in your family, you may be at higher risk of having a tarot problem
  • Do not tarot if your allergic to tarot

“Pace yourself. Tarot at a reasonable rate considering how your body processes tarot. On average, a person reads 4-7 tarot cards an hour.”


The Coalition of Tarot and Safety (CTS) is providing this information to encourage the responsible tarot user. Everyone should make safe, legal and responsible decisions about tarot.

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