Most anticipated Deck releases for Spring 2020


Hey Baby Squirrel and welcome back to my ongoing series where we look at some of the top decks to be released over the next few months!

If you are new to the series I cover both indie or mass produced decks that are either currently in production or active on Kickstarter and will be hitting the market soon enough! These are all decks that in my personal opinion are a great blend of quality and beautiful artistry and I predict will be highly sought after!

As always if you are a deck creator, or know of other decks to come comment down below and share with the rest of the Squirrel Nest as personally I always love to find out about these works of art!


Before we get started if your not familiar with Kickstarter check out my Top 5 tips for recognizing a good Kickstarter where I break down simple ways for you to scout out a good campaign to back as sometimes they have been known to be a long, drawn-out and messy process!

Also all website links will be included for your convinience if you would like to check out, read more or support any of the decks I mention! Now, on with the show…

Starting off with a deck that was fully funded through Kickstarter but will be available for purchase later this year…

The Nameless One ( a Tarot & Oracle Deck ) found itself rapidly funded and highly sought after! Created by Alexandria Huntington who also made the amazing Children of Litha Tarot ( CLICK HERE to see more about this deck ) is now underway with her second project called The Nameless One.

Astonishingly this project raised OVER 600 % of its initial goal of $20k to bring this project to life! Be prepared once the deck is shipped out to have your social media flooded with images of video of this deck lol

Now, I’m not even going to pretend I know what’s going on with this deck… it’s somehow tarot and oracle and I see sigils all over the cards… I don’t know… honestly, I don’t even care! What I do know is the cards look and sound amazing! And at the end of the day I support Alexandria and her projects!

Next up on the list are a few decks that still have active Kickstarters, so if you want to jump on the divination bandwagon and support these projects make sure to do it soon before the campaign ends!

The Emerging from Darkness Tarot is a modern 79 card Tarot deck with workbook that markets itself as a good deck for shadow work. Now I have my own opinions on shadow work and “appropriate decks” however this is not the time or place. What I DO know is good art and I believe this deck to be beautiful!

The deck is based in the RWS system and goes on it’s own path with the interpretations of the cards. Even though it does not use the traditional imagery I feel the artists translations of the meanings of the cards are very appropriate which makes me excited to work with this deck!

At the time of writing it currently has only raised just over $19k of it’s nearly $23k needed to make this project come to life! Fingers crossed as I would love to see this project come to light ( despite it wanting to be in shadow ) *pun intended

With this deck there is no need for crossed fingers or toes as it has already doubled it’s needed income to make this project happen…. but for those interested it still is an active campaign that you can help support and bee ( see what I did there? ) one of the first to own this deck…

The Journey of the Sacred Bee Tarot

or can we just say the Sacred Bee Tarot? Do we have to include the prefix making it a mouthful?

Is a 78 card tarot deck that celebrates, you guessed it, the honey bee 🙂 It looks like the cards will be slightly smaller than a standard tarot card, but printed on a good quality stock with matte finish. The art is very vibrant and colorful and I feel like this would be the perfect deck to work with come Spring!

Honestly, you know me, I honestly have to throw my two cents in on this one… my only quandary with this deck is WHY ISN’T ANY PROCEEDS BEING DONATED TO BEE THINGS? Last I checked humanity is on the brink of extinction because all our bees are dying off… couldn’t we have jacked the price up just like a $1 or something per order and had that donated to a good cause ? I mean, it’s a bee deck right? I feel like that would only make sense… am I alone in this?

Next up is the Runic Odyssey Oracle by Eva. She’s a French graphic arts designer living near Switzerland and has created her first deck!

I’ve chatted with her quite a bit through Instagram and she is such a nice woman! I am rooting for her of course not only based on this but the beauty of this deck she has made.

Honestly, I have no freaking clue about anything to do with runes BUT, again, I know beauty when I see it! These 24 cards come with the gold foil inlays, a magnetic closed box and an ivory cotton bag to store your deck in.

At the time of writing she still has $18k more needed in order to fund the project, so if this is a deck your interested in then hop on it and let’s help support this project!

The Neo Rider Tarot is a project that is still open to back but has already been funded so this will be hitting the markets when available.

This RWS clone with a cool twist is a bit ambitious in that backers have the option of picking one of 4 decks. Each with their own color theme: The Antique Deck, The Shadow Deck, The Love Deck and the Royal Deck.

If you’ve guessed I chose the Royal Deck you would be correct! Hello !?! Not only does it have ‘royal’ in the name but in my opinion it looks the most stylish of the 4. Designed with a nice rich blue coloring and gold foil inlays this for me was the best option!

Don’t agree with me but still like the deck? That’s quite all right because there’s an option for everyone! Personally, the Love Deck looks like something a preteen girl would want in her hot pink Barbie room, but hey, who am I to judge ? ( Sips coffee silently judging everyone )


These last two decks are not yet available to purchase and/or support but will be coming very soon and I couldn’t end this without drawing attention to them. Both are decks we know and love which are just getting a little cosmetic surgery and hitting the red carpet for the release of their second editions:

The Practical Magic Oracle deck created by my good friend Joseph over at Grounded by the Moon will be hitting Kickstarter early Spring 2020 to fund it’s 2nd edition.

I unfortunately missed the train on the 1st edition of Practical Magic however I surely will be one of the first people to help support this deck! From what I understand a few minor adjustments have been made only to improve the quality and there will be an additional card or two to the deck!

If you haven’t checked out Joseph’s Instagram make sure to click the link above and go check out his amazing work! Make sure to send him some love and tell him I sent you 😉

Last but certainly not least is a well known deck making it’s bigger and better appearance… The El Goliath Tarot deck.

Now don’t freak out when I say ‘bigger and better’ it would be more accurate to say smaller and better. The 2nd edition El Goliath has undergone quite the change for this new edition:

  • New gloss tuck box, more compact, thinner and longer
  • Much bigger, blown up guidbeook, same in-depth 80,000 word book just bigger text and easier to read
  • Smaller cards with new card backs (size 126mm x 88mm)
  • No more plastic tray insert or magnetic clip box
  • Improved silk matte laminated card finish, no more gloss
  • Slightly thinner 300 GSM card stock
  • No more gold gilding
  • Bigger, edited card titles

Same beautiful, primal and detailed indie deck that it always was but just pimped out

El Goliath

This new edition will be available on both his website and Amazon for sale sometime early Spring 2020.


Do you know of any other decks coming out soon? Comment down below as I ALWAYS love hearing about new decks and especially supporting artists in their dreams!

Thanks for joining me here today Baby Squirrel I look forward to hanging out again 🙂

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  1. thankyou for this informative fabulous cheering up list
    during a snowstorm for the next two days i have your views and comments to enjoy

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    1. Bundle up my friend and stay warm 🙂


  2. Tarot Card Decks notebooks crayons and your article to read all prepared for the wild snowy weather

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  3. I am loving all of your posts Brian, all of these decks look amazing!

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    1. Awww thank you Rachele ☺️


  4. oekmama says:

    Ha! You just have too much logic!😂A bee deck donating funds to save bees! Ha! Whatever for? The artist just found a niche and is serving it. I‘m a beekeper, so I‘m not bitter about it. Honeybees are doing fine-ish because beekeepers are looking out. It’s the wild bees and other pollinators that really need some love. I love the art, and this would be on my wishlist if I had one. My one peeve, is that the Devil should‘ve been a hornet. Did you know that hornets attack and eat bees? But that bees can work together to defend themselves against hornets?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No I didn’t! That’s really interesting! 🌈 the more you know… 🌈


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