Supra Oracle

The Supra Oracle made by Uusi is as expected another work of art by them! Supra is an oracle deck loosely based on Jungian psychology and how it mingled with Gnosticism.

We loved the melding of physics, psyche, and ancient knowledge in Jung’s practice that inspired an artistic leap at the dawn of the 20th Century in how Man relates to the world around him. It was a process of soul-making in an era of growing preoccupation with the Machine and a return to our mystic roots that nourish and enliven our essential selves – our identities – within the immeasurable expanse of the cosmos. 


The box reminds me of a pair of Louboutin high heels! If you’ve been following me long enough you know my thoughts on tuck boxes BUT…I will say I can’t knock a well designed box. With textured features inside and out, along with gold foiling, the Uusi signature stamp and just attention to detail makes for a high quality product and I can’t be mad at that 🙂

Uusi is well known for their tarot deck the Pagan Otherworlds! I was excited to see for them they posted on their Instagram Account the other day the Pagan Otherworlds was featured in a prestigious art magazine out of Japan? I think. It’s brings me joy to see others succeed, especially when their hard work is clearly a thing of beauty for others to enjoy! So cheers to Uusi I hope more people in the world get to experience their decks!

This is the 2nd edition of the deck coming with : 56 slightly bigger than standard tarot size cards on a heavy playing card stock with linen finish. Along with each deck purchase you get a draw string Uusi bag for your deck as well!

An oracle deck is similar to tarot in that it is an object of meditation that encourages the participant to explore and uncover authentic truths about their character that unite them to the extremely powerful and ancient current of universal, creative energy. It is the Hero Journey that is open to all of us that promises a dynamic, positive transformation in our characters that can only be experienced through a true understanding of our essential selves


Without going into too much depth, as always, here are some previews of what cards are included in the deck:

Elemental cards

Including ‘Aether’


If you’ve ever seen pictures of the deck before you’ve probably seen the infamous ‘Thinking, Feeling, Intuition and Sensation’

I love how the 4 cards tie into one another.


So for these I’m looking for feedback from you !

There is no guidebook included, although you can purchase one separately. So with these I’m taking a wild guess…

Sacred geometry? Is that what’s going on here? If so why? This is a bit beyond my scope of understanding….but hey, these are in the deck too! lol


These by far are my favorite cards that are included in the deck.

Something about this art style, this throwback to this old school style makes it feel more magical to me. ( I understand that sounds silly but it does invoke that special feeling in me )


If you’ve been following me for a while you also know that writing is NOT my strong suite! lol I tell my story better through my art of photography and video which is why I always include the video below. Plus, if you want to see the whole deck, not just a few cards, and allow your own feelings to come forth then you can always watch at your own leisure 🙂

Like this deck? NEED it in your life? Or simply want to read more about it? You can purchase the deck here!

Do you have this deck? If so what are your thoughts or experiences? Comment down below to share with the rest of the Squirrel Nest!

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  1. The labyrinth is very cool
    Ariadne is in there somewhere
    Oracle decks are a little scary as I feel disoriented looking at them like looking at a labyrinth
    This said you certainly open Oracle as well as Tarot decks up and make them fun to explore

    Liked by 1 person

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