Jonasa Jaus Tarot

The Jonasa Jaus Tarot is…


You know what?

I’m sitting down to write about this deck and I’m not sure that I have that much to say, or what to say even…

Do you ever just buy a tarot deck because its pretty? You just want it and have no plans of ever using it? Or is that just me?

Let’s see… its a deck from Spain, so it’s in Spanish. The suits are flowers so that makes it confusing. It definitely does not mirror the traditional RWS imagery. And the deck is not only completely white-washed but is clearly marketed for pretty, young, women.

The art is really pretty. The colors are interesting, like something from the 60’s or 70’s. I like the calligraphy on the cards. The quality and shape of the cards is unique as well.

The cards are slightly thinner and very much longer than a traditional deck. And if I’m remembering correctly the decks are handcut. This can be, I’m sure, slightly problematic from some. It’s my understanding that the subtleties are too small to be problematic with shuffling.


I really don’t have much more to add to this deck.

For artistic style and design I give it 4 out of 5 acorns.

For usability I give it 1 out of 5 acorns.

That’s not to deter anyone from purchasing it, it’s just my personal experience. I have no idea how many decks were produced, but what I can say is it is highly in demand. Opening day for this new edition the decks sold out.

You can check here link to read more, see her social media, and maybe find out if she intends on producing more.

In the meantime make sure to check out the video below for the full walk-thru of the deck along with an additional surprise announcement you wont want to miss 😉 Exciting things coming soon and I give you a little more information on what to expect!

Much love Baby Squirrel!

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  1. Certainly a rather different Tarot Deck
    The yellow hues draw you into them

    Liked by 1 person

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