the Naked Heart Tarot

The Naked Heart Tarot by Jillian Wilde is a 79 card deck based in the RWS system. Standard tarot sized on a high quality satin matte finish which is sooooooooooooo nice. This deck finds that sweet spot between great quality and functional use that I love!

It comes in a great two piece durable box with ribbon and also includes a crystal grid spread. The paper fold-out spread is the same great finish on the cards with the Naked Heart symbolism and art all throughout and a nice guide printed on the back of how to use it.


I enjoy that this is included with the set as in the book Jillian has not only included the meaning of the cards, but an animal message and corresponding crystal to work with the cards. This is nice if you want to do a card of the day, week, month, etc. you can also set intentions with crystals and create a grid to draw in these energies.

The book is 192, pretty standard book. Good quality cover, the same as the cards, and does give a good amount of information in it. It is black and white and includes things like tarot spreads, the story of the Naked Heart and how it came to fruition along with information about the creator.

The one card that stood out to me the most (surprise surprise) was the 4 of pentacles. I mean…. look at that adorable little squirrel how could you NOT love it!?!? Of course I’m a big fan of when decks have squirrels in them and there is no better card than this to have squirrel spirit representing!

The 4 of Pentacles teaches us about how to be conservative with our money and to save. Squirrel spirit also shows us the importance of being able to save your nuts for the winter 🙂 So this is very fitting 🙂


The Hermit was another card I absolutely loved when looking through this deck. How appropriate it’s a turtle right !?!? ( And yes you can probably guess the Hanged man IS a bat)

In addition to the very obvious surface reasons of the turtle being the hermit I like the additional imagery and information I get from it. The owl and key representing knowledge and how the candle is tucked neatly into the mountain in which he is retreating under.

What else do you get from this card?


I like that Jillian has changed up some of the cards within the deck as well. Sometimes I feel like deck creators make a chance just to be different, but in Jillian’s instance I think it was a very well thought out intention for the sake of learning and better understanding.

The Empress, or Earth Mother, really embodies the feels I get from the empress. Reserved it reads ‘Mother Earth’ which is alot of how I interpret it’s meaning.


Another change in the deck was to the court cards. Instead of Page, Knight, Queen and King we get: Innocence, Movement, Heart and Spirit. I love love love everything about the decision to make that change!

You not only take the people out of the equation but you also remove titles to which we typically associate with the sexes. From a learning perspective it takes away any precognitive notions of sex, sexuality and stereotyped behaviors.

Instead we focus on the ESSENCE of the courts. The INNOCENCE and beginning stages of the page. The MOVEMENT and action oriented that is the knight. The HEART and calm assured demeanor of the queen. The SPIRIT of embodying the full understanding and tonality of the king.

From a newb’s perspective I honestly wish all the court’s titles in every deck were changed to this!


Do you have this deck? If so if you’ve worked with it what are your thoughts and experiences with it?

If you want to purchase the deck or read more from the creator you can CLICK HERE

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  1. These are so beautiful!! You say $192 for this set?


    1. ..? Wait what ? Lol … the guidebook is $192 pages. The deck maybe cost $40? I think


  2. KevinM says:

    Hello, Pappa Squirrel

    I do not mean to cause you any embarrassment, but I would like to note that one cannot accurately refer to a playing card (whether a tarot card or a poker card) as being a court card unless the said card is titled after a member of a royal court, unless the said card depicts a member of a royal court, or both.

    Concerning The Hanged Man, I would like to note, for educational purposes, that in older patterns sheets, such as the Tarocco Bolognese, the relevant iconography is comparable to (and may have been inspired by) the iconography of Italian pitture infamanti (defamatory paintings), which depicted such persons as include defaulters. bankrupts, and traitors.


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  3. Having learnt both deck styles I prefer to view pip cards for their numerological value than pictorial symbolism but then get twisted on gender with court cards (although not the page as modern decks increasingly include female figures so I tend to view as young energy) Changing the court cards is Awesome, I love this. When I get around to making one of your fabulous journals I will remember this. Great review, have a fabulous weekend

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  4. The Naked Heart Tarot deck is different and fascinating
    Thank you for bringing this deck to my attention
    The Hermit it would seem can dig his way into and through beliefs and nagging thoughts and shovel each one slowly but surely shedding light on them

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