Shamanite- Black Calcite

My story with this crystal begins in such an interesting way.

If you’ve come here looking for the metaphysical properties or mineral makeup or hardness of this stone you’ve come to the wrong place. That’s what site’s like Google is for!

But if you want to hear a tale about one of the most rare crystals on Earth, a corrupt mining company, lies and potentially inside jobs and hustling crystal dealers in the black market trade and how I got ahold of this black calcite….then you’ve come to the right place my squirrely little friend 😉

*Cue dramatic music


My story begins a long time ago… back in September… 2019…

I traveled a few hours to the Joplin Tri-State Gem and Mineral Show in Missouri! The more road traveled the more I realized we were driving probably to the heart of no where America. Arriving at the location for the show and surveying the small room set-up of a handful of vendors I underestimated that this trip would be quick or unexciting.

While peruzing through the tables, filming content and networking with the vendors there I came across a table with a pretty decent variety of crystals including a particular crystal that caught my eye and held me in a trance. Black Calcite, she called it, “It comes from the Sweetwater Mine nearby. It’s $250 for that piece.” As impressive as the crystal was in my hand that even more impressive price tag had my brain swimming in all kinds of thoughts and feels.

What was this black calcite!? I had never seen or heard of such a thing? All of the big Instagram crystal accounts I follow have never posted this? Why didn’t this look or sound familiar? And why was it so expensive?

Once I got home the research immediately began! I started diving DEEP into the social media world trying to consume ANY and ALL content about what this Black Calcite is and what it’s about.

Ok….Ok…. here…..if you want to know about all the metaphysical properties here is a link to a blog that will explain all that jazz (that’s a blog in itself and I need to stay on track and focus on this story of action and adventure because trust me my friend this story gets real juicy)


Basically what I DID find from other crystal retailers and content creators was:

  • It’s an extremely rare crystal
  • It’s extremely hard to come by and any piece that they may have had at one time they can’t find or get again
  • Only two people IMMEDIATELY new what I was inquiring about and lost their minds explaining what the crystal was and how amazing it was
  • The cost was justified due to it’s rarity

Now… although I was able to find another type of specimen of Black Calcite this particular kind was very specific in that it was Dogtooth Black Calcite. Meaning whatever minerals were included in these specimens and the way it formed gave it a shard look like the Dark Crystal kinda vibe!

My partner was very adamant about doing further research into Sweetwater Mine in MO. and contacting them about it directly since this was literally consuming me. I’m glad he pushed me to do so because otherwise I wouldn’t have known what I’m about to tell you…

One weekday morning I placed the call to the Sweetwater Mine where a very pleasant receptionist took my call. I explained to her my story of finding the black calcite at a crystal show, how rare it was, that their mine was the only place in the world that had it and asked who I needed to speak to about being able to get some from them.

(In retrospect I probably shouldn’t have laid all my cards on the table like I did, but I’m not a gambler I don’t understand these things. I’m direct and honest and expect the same from others)

She kindly asked if she could put me on hold as she said I would need to speak to the head geologist of the facility and put me in contact with him. I re-explained my situation again and then he said I would need to speak to his boss and the head of the facility. Again, I RE-re-explained my story to which he responded ” This mining company is the only facility that not only owns this land, but operates here as well. We specifically mine (insert some boring mineral that no one cares about) and if this black calcite is coming from our mine then it is being done so illegally. As the company owns this land that means that anything from it is company property and we are only concerned with the most boring of minerals.”


WHICH btw blows my mind, because 1. You are knowingly destroying the ONLY crystal in the WORLD that comes from this land and clearly corporate greed doesn’t care and 2. BE GREEDY!!! This crystal is worth SO MUCH!!! WHY can’t you mine and sell it too as part of your business plan!? HELLO !??!?!

I quickly realize that I WAS on speaker phone as the man picks up the phone to clearly have a more “private” conversation with me. He inquired as to who I was and why I was so curious about this crystal. The conversation ends with him taking down my information and telling me he had to “talk to some people” and would be in contact.

Now….I was a young adult once… this is starting to sound more and more like a drug deal

There clearly is some shade around all this. But in this moment I didn’t care ALL I wanted is access to this crystal lol

Perhaps a month later attending the Ozark Gem & Mineral Show I happen to stumble across the vendor from the previous show, along with another booth carrying the same crystal! This time I didn’t want to be as forthcoming with the knowledge that I’ve gained as I did not want to spook or cause issues between us. I politely inquired about the crystal and of course purchased this specimen before leaving!

There were a few theories running through my head as to how the vendors were able to get ahold of these crystals. Essentially the options were either a miner was stealing and sneaking them out of the mine, OR the mine was well aware of this side hustle and on the DL is distributing them, perhaps to someone one of the miners know, so that employees in the company can pocket and benefit from it.

Reassessing all this information makes me feel like the man in charge I spoke with is aware of these transactions and was probably spooked by my call, with him assuming I was “investigating” this internal theft. From the size of the specimens available at the crystal show these were not crystals you could fit into a book bag, or lunch box because they were simply too large. People within the company are very aware of this mineral and are profiting from it in some way. My guess is one of the miners knows the crystal retailers, him and several people including the boss man are in on the deal, they collaboratively sneak what they can off company property and profit from this!


Personally I have all kinds of mixed emotions about this. Clearly there are a lot of negative things I don’t agree with happening in this situation. But my overall take from it is something positive. The fact that this crystal has made it out intact and “alive” to be able to make it’s presence known. To see the light of day, and to be able to yet again show the awesomeness that Mother Nature can create is the icing on the cake for me.

Granted, if it was just simply destroyed and paid no mind we would have been none the wiser. But why keep such beauty from the world?

What are your thoughts on this situation? How would you have handled it differently? And if you own(ed) Black Calcite what are your thoughts and experiences with it? Comment down belore and share with the rest of the Squirrel Nest!

Until next time Baby Squirrel…. Much Love and Light !!! xoxo


3 Comments Add yours

  1. An intriguing story
    You are brave to have called the mine company and to have spoken so directly to the person representing the company
    Also to inform yourself and weigh pros and cons is important
    Like a sleuth with a greater good purpose
    This black calcite truly stunning is lucky to have a happy caring home

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    1. Well I was thinking, maybe I can get in on this supply chain and have a direct link with the mine lol


  2. as an honest trader with crystals held in good thought
    a kind of indiana j

    Liked by 1 person

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