Apartment Magick: Tips for practicing your craft in a city

Living in the city like me and struggling to find a good way to practice your craft? Transitioning moving from a country home into a city apartment can be a real struggle at times as you loose alot of connections to nature and most importantly space. Space to practice your craft, along with space for your things. Navigating this new world can be a bit daunting but I just may have a few helpful tips up my sleeve!

Think outside the box with Nature

One thing that was very difficult for me to adjust to is nature…or the lack there of. No yard, no squirrels, few trees it’s almost easy to succumb to the reality that your living among a sea of concrete. Nature is still all around you, you just have to know where to look. Commonly bits of nature are confined to these places called parks. Most cities with good city planning have parks scattered every few miles or so, so if it’s not easy enough to walk to then it should be within a reasonable commute.


Most retail areas or places with heavy foot traffic also have benches with shady trees or flower gardens for convenience of travelers. If your near a downtown perhaps there is a farmers market area or outdoor facilities/shopping where you can find several trees and plants. Where you find green life you find other life as well!

Trust me, I understand, it’s a little bit more difficult than being able to walk out into your… idk …yard… but since you now live in a skyrise that’s not an option! Have fun, get some fresh air and go explore your local community to find those hidden gems!

Think UP not OUT

One luxury I took for granted in the country was square footage aka. counter-top and tabletop surfaces. This truly becomes prime real estate once you have downsized into an apartment!

Have no fear! There is still space…just not in the way you may think! Think UP, not out! Having a book shelf or one of those adorable ladder decor allows you to have stack able layers for your tools. It may be a little difficult to adjust at first, but trust me it’ll be just fine πŸ™‚

I chose a 6ft ladder shelf that is no more than 2 ft wide and although that may not seem like much it has made all the difference! I got one with a drawer in the bottom to nicely hide anything I may not want to be seen (like all of my craft-tastic junk)


Have a balcony?

Your in luck then! Not only to do you have a convinient area to practice outside if you wish but you also have the space to grow your own green goods! This area makes a great space for growing herbs where you can use window boxes, vertical walls, or just a normal planter.

Don’t have that outdoor space but have a big window instead? Good…I think you know how to modify this πŸ˜‰

This last piece of advice I had to learn the hard way! So TAKE HEED!



No sage, no palo santo, (candles you may get away with depending on your apartments rules) and certainly no other kinds of rituals that involve lighting things on fire!

You may be used to burning everything from herbs, to corners of your grimoire to give it a more used affect to the souls of your enemies but not here in the apartment baby squirrel! If the smoke detectors and sprinkler systems don’t go off then you might not get your deposit back from “smoking” in the apartment!

Try smokeless smudging or if you MUST burn something…discretely take it out on the balcony! If smudging is your game you can also cleanse using sound cleansing with a singing bowl, or cleanse your space with a wonderful crystal like selenite:)

Are you a city Squirrel trying to navigate your way through a concrete jungle? What are some tips and tricks that you have in order to stay green, happy, healthy and practicing comfortably?

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  1. Is this your apartment?! I love your style ❀

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    1. It is yes and thank you πŸ™‚

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  2. a balcony is a great thing to have
    herbs growing throughout summer
    sparrow visits throughout all seasons
    squirrels play on the neighbours trees
    city suburb living gives one a new kind of adventure experience

    Liked by 1 person

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