The Illuminated Earth Oracle

The Illuminated Earth Oracle

Unboxing & First Impressions…

The Illuminated Earth Oracle is the creative child of the wonderful Claire Mack! This deck had been on my wish list for longer than it needed to be! This oracle deck was created in 2018 so it has been out in the world for a little bit of time now… call it what you want…sometimes I take these as life’s signs. It’s ways that the Universe gives you the elbow like “hey, pay attention!” Several times last week (without me searching or asking) I kept seeing YouTube videos for this deck out of the blue. After seeing this a few times I was like THAT’S IT! I NEED THIS DECK!

And I’m SUPER happy that I got this beautiful deck in my paws now 🙂

This 63 card oracle deck is a vibrant, hand-painted deck. The cards are some of my favorite quality…durable with a smooth matte finish. The cards are slightly thicker than a standard tarot card size. I don’t feel this would be an issue for most people. But then again, I have big hands so they seem small to me lol.

I would say some of my least favorite cards in the deck are the ones with humans. Which I feel like even in the moment of typing this just kinda feels weird saying it…. because in all honestly it’s not even a big deal. It has nothing to do with the keywords, or meanings, or how Claire has interpreted the meaning into art. It’s just more of a preference I suppose.

The MAIN allure, for me, of the deck certainly IS the artwork… Specifically her abstract artwork REALLY speaks to me…

I can not praise enough Claire’s artistic ability. Naturally I am a BIG fan of abstract art. As an Empath, as an intuitive reader, I love love love getting lost in the colors, the forms, the moods and emotions that I draw from these cards! These are STUNNING pieces of art!

Speaking of art…they ARE art…I can hear you cringing over there saying “DUH Pappa! You told us earlier all the cards are handpainted!” lol So yes…your right…

Claire also sells these and other artwork she creates on her site along with this deck.

You ever have one card that continuously comes up for you that your like…yea, I get it, but I’m not gonna listen, listen…so it keeps coming up anyways? lol Well, ‘Attachment’ is that card for me. Attachment keeps coming up in my personal card pulls in reference to my work.

At the time of writing this blog I have been HUSTLING to get as much content created as I possibly can! My partner and I will be traveling out of town for an extended period over the Holidays. We fly back home for 10 days for Thanksgiving. Were flying out of state for New Years. And then February I’ll be at the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show for quite some time.,.. long story short I HAVE to be ahead with my content!

Finishing this project will complete 4 YouTube videos, and 4 blogs that I’ve prepared over the past 7 days. (I still need photos for Instagram too ) Have I painted a clear enough picture as to WHY this card keeps coming up ??? lol I suppose I keep ignoring it because I know I’ll be on an extended vacation. Do you ever do that? Or have cards come up repeatedly to get your attention?

Anywhoooo…. now I’m just rambling 🙂 Thank you for reading as always! If you’d like to see the full flip through of the deck click down on the video link below 🙂 Much love my Squirrely friend!

Purchase The Illuminated Earth Oracle HERE

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  1. a honeycomb of stunning artwork

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    1. As in work them? No. I recently went to a psychic fair for the first time. I’m open to anything of that nature just typically film/write content more on crystal shows. Why do you ask?


      1. The Hinoeuma says:

        Pure curiosity. You are a Tarot reader, yes? I’ve met several at the BMSE in Raleigh.


      2. I read but I am by no means a professional 🙂 for fun I’ve been doing free one card pulls on my Instagram to help me continue to dive in my studies 🙂

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  2. That really is a gorgeous deck!

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    1. It really is! Claire is a really strong abstract artist, I not only love the depictions but color choices too

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