Topeka Gem & Mineral Show 2019

The 63rd Annual Topeka Gem & Mineral Show, hosted by the Topeka Gem & Mineral Society was located in the Kansas Expocenter in Topeka, KS. Located in the Ag. Hall the Gem & Mineral Show was filled with vendors and fun events…

The event does cost $5 for entry but will not only give you access for the 3 days but also gets you entered to win free door prizes! Events like the Silent Auction held by the Society are a fun way to get participants active in the show and the $1 colorful grab bags were perfect for kids of all ages. Along with the crystals, minerals and fossils being sold they had several educational booths set up. Wire wrapping, faceting and crystal sphere making tables were not only very entertaining but educational as well!

My favorite vendor that I networked with was Bill Jones of Sidewinder Minerals out of Denver, CO. Bill was not only very kind and knowledgeable about the details of the minerals but had a wide variety of high quality crystals at affordable prices! Click on the name of his business to check out his site. If you end up connecting with him, let him know Pappa Squirrel sent ya 😉

I have to say, to all of you that have been following my blog for some time now you all KNOW I love to take pictures…there’s this part of me that feels bad that I don’t have any pretty pictures to share, but what I DO have to share is a video (always located at the bottom of the blog) But I felt the need to explain… at least for the crystal shows…

When I’m at a crystal show, I know I’m there to work. BUT… I’m also there to have a good time and enjoy myself! I want to look at all the pretty things! I want to do some shopping! And it’s a lot added when I’m also videoing every second of it to create video content that it always slips my mind to even TAKE a picture. The good news is at least I have it all on film!

Plus I put some fun ( or at least I think it’s fun) music to the video so you can just sit back, relax and enjoy! So without blabbering on too much longer, here it is….check it out in ALL its glory! 🙂

CLICK HERE to watch

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