Renaissance Fair 2019

Kansas City opens up a portal to the past and invites everyone to join the fun at the Kansas City Renaissance Fair!

It’s 2019 going on 1620 and a good time is to be had by people of all ages! The Renaissance fair is open weekends starting the end of August, lastly through mid October! Parking is free and convenient and the festival happens whether its rain or shine!

As a first time festival goer this was SO MUCH FUN!!! (insert high energy shout)

KAZAH !!!!…as they would say 😉

The Renaissance fair has so many activities, live performances, shopping, dining and much more to make for a full day of fun that you won’t want to leave!

Check out their WEBSITE for more info and details

CLICK HERE to see all the fun

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  1. My family loves going to the Renaissance fairs in CA. My daughter just had a Renaissance wedding in August, and it was so beautiful. I love dressing up and joining in with the fair actors. Great fun! 🙂

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    1. OMFreakingG A Renaissance Wedding !?!?!! That sounds AH-MAZ-ING !!! Did everyone dress up like the fancy nobility ? Or were there like vikings and wenches and warriors and stuff too !?

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      1. All of the above, but it wasn’t mandatory to dress up. Those who didn’t dress up regretted it. 🙂 At the reception, there was a sword fight, and we all ate with our fingers. A roasted pig, with an apple in it’s mouth, sat on the table in front of the couple with another in the back. Food was great and served to us. They cooked everything just like in that time. Delicious!


      2. That’s SO COOL!!! I know EXACTLY how I want my wedding to be now! lol

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