When the same tarot card keeps coming up…

Have you ever noticed how every once and awhile you get the same card again and again? The same card keeps showing up for different readings. You’ve probably wondered, what does it mean? Is it trying to tell me something?

I find I go through phases where this will happen. A few months ago I was going through a phase where the Hermit card continued to come up. It was a little odd to me because the Hermit to me was about going within, withdrawing from others, taking some alone time to really do some soul searching and connecting with inner self for answers or directions. Which was weird because I was already spending a lot of time doing this, so this really didn’t make much sense. Aren’t I already doing this enough?

These repeat cards continue to pop in to say hello indicates that there’s a message that is trying to reach you. Whether that’s a message from your Spirit Guides, or the Universe, or the Inner Divine or whatever you choose to connect with. This tells us that this particular card, or message keeps coming up because perhaps you haven’t quite heard the message yet and fully understand it’s meaning.

When this happens I like to think of two different things: The card itself and my life in this present moment. Now I know that explanation is a bit vague so let me clarify for you a bit. The fact that the card continues to come up tells me that there is something that I am missing. Meaning I then need to dig a little deeper instead of just glazing over either the card message or my life status at a superficial level. Clearly there is SOMETHING more to this than what I am taking it for at face value, which is why the cards keep repeating themselves. It’s like knocking me on the head “Hey stupid, pay attention!”

As for the cards let’s dive into a couple ideas with an open mind… Perhaps are the generic little white book meanings not fully explaining the situation, could there be something more to that? Maybe we need to leave that aside or look into other books and resources into the meanings behind the card? Meditate with that card. Dive into the symbolism, the colors, the “attitude” of that card…can you get some more information from that? Be open to the card meaning something, or telling you something a little bit different than what you know it as.

As it applies to your life this may require inner tools that may be difficult for some. I really have to be honest with myself. In the example of the Hermit continuing to pop up for me I really had to take time with myself and be honest with is if what I was doing was TRUE, or moreso out of habit? Was I really taking time to listen to my Inner Self? Sometimes if I’m not able to really look at my life from an outside perspective, or a fair point of view, I will pray to my higher power and ask for further enlightenment into the situation. What is it that I am missing from this message? What, perhaps, am I not doing that I need to be doing? Or what is it that I need to know? Be open to any messages you get, any images, any feelings and be ready to interpret this as appropriately as you can. Life itself will sometimes tell you the messages you need to know if you just pay attention to it. Be open to these messages!

Sometimes a repeating card is not necessarily a message that you are missing per say. These cards are repeating because it is trying to give you encouragement, or a reminder of the path that you need to stay on. These are showing up simply as our own personal cheerleader letting us know that we still need to keep these thoughts, actions and behaviors present in our conscious mind as these are lessons we are still going through in life.

In closing I want to ask you what cards have you been getting lately? Are there any cards that keep showing up for you? What are those cards? And what is your theory, what do you think they mean for you?

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