CrystalzRUs was founded a little over three years ago as an Instagram social media platform for crystal lovers to connect with crystal retailers. At the time it was the first crystal feature account of its kind and today boasts over 100K followers!

Today CrystalzRUs has continued to grow and develop into something more…

Combing my passion for crystals and networking with others of the same interest, CrystalzRUs continues to add value to it’s amazing followers in all new ways! I personally have made it a mission to attend as many local gem & mineral shows as I possibly can. Because of this I am able to give followers views into shows they might not have otherwise been able to attend!


Content from blogs (which will continue to be posted here) to videos and pictures on both Youtube and Instagram will show the story of my crystal adventures! As an added bonus I will also be networking with mines from all over the world and bring back a selection of quality crystals at affordable prices.

It’s not ‘Farm to Table’ its from the Mines to your Home


Just as ‘farm to table’ restaurants create regular menus based off fresh and high quality product available, CrystalzRUs provides the same service. THE ONLINE STORE will only carry a modest selection of crystals brought directly from the mines to you! This ensures you not only get the best quality crystals but at the best prices!

Need a personal shopper? If you know when I’m attending a show and have something specific in mind, let me know! Tell me all the juicy details of what exactly you need and I will make it my mission to find exactly what your looking for!

Head over to the WEBSITE and check out what we have in store!

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