Symbolism of the color GREEN

Here recently I have been working with my photography and trying to make my INSTAGRAM account have a more cohesive look. Overall I feel my photos have a strong look but as a collection, well, it quite frankly sucks! It’s because of this that I have decided to work with colors more. Sticking to a single pattern to use in the set of photos to give the overall aesthetic a look of unity. Were not here today to discuss my photography or my Instagram account however, were here to talk about the color Green. Which happens to be the current color I’ve been working with!

The Hedge Witch’s Herbal Grimoire

I find that when I make a project fun it allows my brain to be more open and receptive to learning. So because I find content creating fun, I welcome these new subject matters into my projects which allow me to learn more about them. By working with the color green I have opened my awareness of it’s symbolic messages and have paid attention to it in my life. In a sense, this has been a much needed gift from Spirit during a time of anxiety and impatience!

the Color Green

The color Green is symbolic of nature and health. Representative of growth, nature, money and fertility it is said to have healing powers due to it’s relaxing color to the eye. It gets it’s mental clarity and optimism from yellow in addition to the emotional tranquility and insight from blue. Promoting the love of nature, those we care about, pets and home life. Green can affect you by relieving and providing mental and physical relaxation, helping to treat depression and anxiety. It also provides a sense of renewal, freedom and harmony.


Some popular Green crystals include:

Jade, Aventurine, Emerald, Malachite, Chrysoprase and Moldavite.

Green is the color of abundance allowing you to experience new growth and fresh beginnings. Green crystals assist in the aiding of balancing your emotions and helping one to feel vibrant, peaceful, grounded and full of health. Green is closely associated with nature and all the plant life surrounding us. Think of your spirit as nature, like the green garden. One which you need to take care of in order for it to thrive. If you feel like your spirit is down and out keep green crystals around to infuse yourself and reinvigorate your soul.

The one stone I have been working with in particular is Malachite. For me this crystal has a very strong presence so I only work for it for a limited amount of time. It is one of those stones, that for me, let’s me know when it wants to be handled…so I listen! It helps me to balance my mind, allowing me to collect my thoughts and to become more focused. Malachite also brings about a peaceful and grounding energy. It is also known as the traveler’s stone, so this is a two-fold benefit as I am preparing for the trip of a lifetime! I keep Malachite in a common area at home, or in my travel bag when foraging or on adventures!

Animal Spirit

Another way that I have worked with the color Green is through my oracle decks. I have been working with my newest deck lately, the Nocturna Oracle Deck. Being a Nature buff I personally connect with this deck in a special way. I allow the messages of Animal Spirit to guide me or show me messages that I need to be aware of.

The Frog is closely associated with the element of water, so it ties into cleansing and purification. Frog encourages us to cleanse ourselves of anything weighing us down. Practice self care, try a new workout, take a spa day, so something to show a little self love.

The Frog also speaks to us about transitions and transformations. It usually comes to us during a time of change or when it’s time to make a big decision that will be impactful to our future. Frog invites us to make these changes that will be better to our physical and spiritual state.


Now I must admit, herbs are not my strong point. This is an area I’m slowly but surely learning more about. Introducing new herbs into my practice and learning them individually is allowing me to have a better understanding of what I’m working with!

Some popular Green herbs to introduce into your practice are: Basil, Bay, Aloe Vera, Mugwort, Succulents, Rosemary, Mint, Sage and other “uncommon” greenery such as moss, ferns and grass.

As a Squirrel I like to forage in my natural habitat for items that speak to me, so the more “uncommon” items are honestly what sing to my soul! Moss for example, is a pretty abundant item here in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia found throughout the forests closest to water sources and shade. It can grow on trees, rocks, dead-wood and soil alike. Because it survives with little maintenance and in improbable locations, moss as a magical plant is associated with perseverance, patience, nurturing, and grounding. Because it is lush even in seemingly inhospitable areas, it’s also associated with serenity and calm. 

How has the color Green impacted your life? In what ways do you recognize and welcome this color into your life? What ways can you benefit from it’s healing powers in all shapes and forms?

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  1. Green is one of the birth colors associated with my earth sign. I live in the mountains and gratefully I’m surrounded by a variety of large trees. I feel the combination of the color energy of green and the trees is what keeps me grounded and connected to all of mother nature. 🌲🌲⛰

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