Why I don’t use tarot to predict the FUTURE

Today I wanted to talk about my personal approach to tarot and why I read it the way I do. First and foremost I want to start with a disclaimer: I think that tarot readers that read predicatively are really cool. I don’t want to suggest that because I do not choose to read that way that I do not support or approve of people that read that do, that is not the case! One of the amazing things about the tarot is the diversity of the way we all read. There are so many readers that approach so many different ways of reading and I think it’s amazing the diversity of the community! I just wanted to put that out there from the beginning as to not give the wrong impression or to offend anyone.

My opinion has been formed over many years of either personal experiences or information that I have read about which has lead me to a place of how and why I believe about the course of our future. This is all personal opinion of course, which I will try and explain the best way I can…

I do believe that we are destined to be on this plane of existence for a reason. I do believe we have a greater purpose to impact our environment and the people that we share our reality with. I tend to lean on the side that there is some form of fate or destiny, however I think of this rather loosely. Some people speak of what is called a ‘Soul Contract.’ It is a contract that we sign with the Divine as an understanding or an agreement of our purpose while we are here on Earth. While I believe that this purpose is important and a hidden driving factor in our destiny to full-fill I don’t know how I feel about a pre-determined and agreed upon ‘contract’ as if we just got a new job. To me I believe our purpose is MUCH more vague but all rather similar in the sense that we are all expected to live up to our highest potential and to seek out enlightenment to connect with Spirit and to positively impact the environment and people around us to the best we can within our power and circumstances. Once we come into existence I believe it is both nature and nurture, which is not within our choice or control, which shapes the person we will then become moving forward in life.

With the combination of these two aspects the rest of the journey is a HUGE grey area. Depending upon many different factors in life AND depending upon how we choose to process these factors depends on what path we choose to be on at that very moment in time. This can change frequently which to me is important. This is where change and therefore growth comes from. It’s in my opinion that if we were only on one path our entire lives there would be much missed out on. It’s the constant change, learning, experiences that allow us the opportunities to grow and change as well. And while we may be fulfilling a ‘destiny’ in the sense of legitimately experiencing life on our terms, and doing the best we can do, it’s all those factors that are changing every second that also give us the opportunity to change as well. This, for me, is why I believe that the future can be uncertain. There are too many factors at play, whether external or internal, which can alter our decisions and direction we wish to be headed.

It is because of these things that I personally can not read the tarot in order to predict the future. To me this is an ever-changing aspect of our lives. What I can do is simply read the cards as: What is it in your past that has brought you to this very moment? What is it in this very moment that you are feeling or experiencing? The only further layer to the understanding is tapping into Spirit and reading the messages that simply Life itself is trying to show you. What tools, knowledge, information or resources is life trying to show you for you to pay attention to and why? What is it that you need to know in order to continue to be the best version of yourself and continue this destiny?

In argument, if we are choosing to ignore the signs that Life is giving us to be the best version of ourselves then we indeed aren’t fulfilling our own destiny because of choice. That’s the beauty of being a human, we are equipped with the power of choice. Make your own way, pave your own path. There’s so much beauty in that!

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  1. Eugenio says:

    Good morning. You’ve made an interesting post. There is a lot there, but I will stay with the tarot.
    I see the tarot as a way of looking at time from the top. The same difference of having a cassette tape, and a CD disk. With the tape you must run the whole thing to get to the last recording. In a CD ROM, random access memory, you can access any file, or even two at once.
    We live in linear time; the tarot could allow you to look at time in the same way. All at once; from above.

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