#WhichCourtCardAreYou (and why?)

Across Youtube is an adorable hashtag that people are creating video responses to that I wanted to participate in as well: #WhichCourtCardAreYou (and why?) I spent some time pondering to myself, If there is ANY court card which one would I be?

I had to think of this logically. Compartmentalize my personality traits and narrow it down. First things first, I’m an Aries through and through. My fiery passion, attitude and outlook on life rules my behaviors and thought processes. So for sure…its the suit of wands!

The suit of wands is associated with fire. Unpredictable, wild and energetic. It symbolizes passion, energy, enthusiasm, and sexuality. It honors that masculine energy, the drive and willpower of primal energy, spirituality, inspiration, determination, strength, intuition, creativity and ambition.

DING DING DING….we have a winner…!!! Now, which card….? King, Queen, Knight or Page…?

Being an Aries, the first of the zodiac, I certainly haven’t mastered anything as the King has, but I don’t quite fit the Page either. That’s when I realized, The Knight of Wands is my man! He is me, if I were made into a tarot archetype!

Funny back story: As a kid growing up I spent a lot of time outdoors either in the backyard or exploring nearby fields! Most of the time I had 3 items with me that were ‘necessary’ to my being: A really old book (aka my “spell book”) My dog (henchman/wingman) and…a giant staff (my sorcerer’s staff aka Wand).

The Knight of Wands, me, gets bored rather easily so I’m always on the go! I have to stay active! I am a passionate, keen and creative entrepreneur. The fire may burn bright and hot but has little stamina which is why change is so important to the Knight.

The Knight shows the pursuit of ideas. He takes action with his passionate creative ideas. He is charged up and motivated to succeed. He is bold, courageous and adventurous, willing to venture into unknown territories. No need for concern about dangers that lie ahead, and if they do, then the adventure becomes more exciting!

Some downsides to being the Knight is that I’m an “act first, think later” kinda guy sometimes. I can be very impulsive and extremely impatient. I want everything done last week! And despite my charisma and attractiveness to others I tend to be a loner. I haven’t fully mastered having others along for the journey yet. If you can’t keep up I can’t wait.

Watch HERE for the video

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  1. Cherri Moon says:

    Very nice my friend 🤗

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