Oracle of Oddities

After 4 months of impatiently waiting my 2nd edition of the Oracle of Oddities has FINALLY arrived. This is the first deck that I have received where I have not immediately ripped open the packaging to discover my new tool. Instead, I have been so put-off by this entire experience leading up till now that my energies surrounding the once joy have been poisoned.

Let’s rewind shall we?… I remember it like it was yesterday: The winter of Jan. 2019, I was younger then and more naive. I came across a Youtube video showing off the editions of the Oracle of Oddities. After seeing the beautiful artwork I knew I HAD to just make this deck mine! I immediately went down the rabbit hole of video after video to see as much as I could. When I couldn’t take it anymore I immediately had to consult my friend. I went straight to Google and asked her about this deck…

Upon sifting through Google’s answers to my inquiry I was immediately confused. (First red flag) I was unable to find the 1st edition for sale, no worries, I’m assuming it’s no longer available? The 3rd edition I came across on some rando website for sale (second red flag) and scrolling down my search results I found Black and the Moon shop. Which, oddly enough, was only selling the second edition? (I’m gonna start loosing count of red flags so feel free to insert them mentally as you read)

Although it’s not a huge deal I suppose, as a customer though it left me a bit puzzled as to why THE deck creator was only selling one edition of her deck on her site, but you have some rando site over there selling the 3rd edition. Was this indeed legit? Now, there are several times over the course of the months I reached out to Claire for various reasons, most of which were not very pleasant interactions. I went ahead and purchased the 3rd edition from rando site and purchased the 2nd edition from her. Within a reasonable amount of time I received the deck from the other site, but no deck from her and no explanation. Again, contacting her resulted in her site being updated to clarify that purchasing the 2nd edition was a “pre-order” which was not stated before. So now I have to wait…

To add insult to injury, not only do I now have to wait for this deck but the funny not so funny part is she stated in her email that she HAD the deck, she just wasn’t going to be shipping it to me until April. Of course this caused further conflict in communication but hey, what could I do? I wanted the deck so I forged ahead…April it is…

Well, April came and April went…still no deck. No updates on her site, no updates via email, no updates on Instagram. Correction, on April 23rd amidst a decently lengthened post she said”…and prepping your shipments for the 2nd edition reprint.” That’s it…! Now it’s May 15th and I’ve finally received my deck that I ordered in Jan. that she had in hand but made me wait. O…and let’s not forget that before I even got the deck in the mail I DID receive an email asking me to purchase another deck of hers. -_-

Before getting into the cards I will say this. Including the shipping from Canada this is a $56 deck…for 30 cards. Yes, you read that right. So $112 and 4 months later I now have 60 cards, which isn’t even the full set.

Sitting here and actually typing this out just makes me more and more mad. Honestly, listen…I don’t want to take away from the artwork of this deck. Its STUNNING but unfortunately due to my not so positive experience along with the price tag it’s nearly impossible for me to speak on the pros of the deck. If you like the art, my advice is to buy the Antique Anatomy by her for $26 at Barnes and Noble…the customer service will be handled by them, you will save $100 and get 18 more cards and you can walk out in hand with your product and not wait forever for it.

On a positive note I found an AMAZING tarot bag to put these decks in! I have purchased several decks from the Bee and the Snake Etsy shop. Feel free to check out her products as I highly recommend them!

Check out the video HERE

Purchase the deck HERE

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  1. queenofwans says:

    I’m sorry you had such a negative experience! I have been incredibly lucky and have not had any negative experiences in purchasing any decks, and despite that, know what it feels like to have to anxiously await a deck. I can’t even imagine what the waiting game is like when the experience is less than positive.

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