Tarothon 2019

If your a fan of all things tarot then this is the live event of the year you won’t want to miss! No matter where you are in the world and at no cost to you, anyone can participate in the 2019 Tarothon! What is Tarothon you ask? Well, let me try to explain it as best as I can…you know Squirrels don’t articulate very well so bear with me…

Tarothon is a live Youtube event lasting for a full 24 hours. Tarothon 2019 will take place on Sunday June 2nd. Twently three Youtube tarot influencers are featured with the host of the event, Simon at the Hermit’s Cave, opening and closing the event. Each speaker will have an hour to present and each has their own different topic concerning tarot. If you can’t make the event, or are a normal human being and not going to be sitting in front of your phone or computer watching for a solid 24 hours, have no fear! The videos will be saved and uploaded so you can catch up another time! Here is the lineup for this year’s event…

Please note for all you US based viewers that this is on BST or UK time. Using myself as an example (because I’ve had to drill it in my head) I am scheduled to go on at 18:00 BST which is 13:00, or 1pm EST. If you’d like a little help and want to explore some of the other channels I highly implore you too! This is a phenomenal lineup for sure with some very impressive people within the tarot community! I am certainly HONORED and blessed to be asked to be apart of this event! So please, we all are working extremely hard to ensure that you are not only entertained but well informed on the topics, we would love for you to come and show your support!

Listed below are the channels. Feel free to click their name to go to their page and show them some love! Thanks and hope to see you then! Much love and light my squirrely friends!

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  1. I don’t have a “you tube” channel as of yet, but would love to take part in this next year if the Tarothon returns. By then, my library of resources will have expanded and would like to share topics with others. Thank you for posting!

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    1. well the beauty of Youtube its not required for you to have a channel to participate, you simply log on and view. But if your referring to actually being a presenter during the program that is something you will have to work out with the host…and yes, you would need to have an established channel with videos at that point 🙂

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  2. Thinking about presenting. I do subscribe to “you tube” but an watching how others develop their channels. From there I can decide the best direction to take when building a channel.


  3. queenofwans says:

    This is super exciting!

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    1. Heck yes it is lol I’m also a little nervous about it as well haha

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