Have you ever gotten a new tarot deck and upon inspecting, sitting and meditating with each of the cards, you find that ONE card that’s like “YAASSSS! This is THE card!?!” No matter which card in the deck it is, there’s something about THAT particular card that really resonates the meaning and message of the card with you. Have you ever thought about what would happen if you took all those cards from all the decks and put them together to create THE perfect tarot deck for you? Well…that’s exactly how the idea #MyPerfectTarot was born!

I began by unshelving my decks and getting them out. Certain decks I did not use. I only used 1 of the traditional RWS decks I had as there was no need to have multiple copies of essentially the same decks, along with a handful of decks I didn’t particularly vibe with that I knew wouldn’t make it in the top running. In total, I had eleven decks:

  • The Fountain Tarot
  • True Black Tarot
  • Moonchild Tarot
  • Starchild Tarot
  • RWS Centennial
  • Morgan Greer Tarot
  • Modern Day Spellcaster’s Tarot
  • Pagan Otherworlds Tarot
  • the Wooden Tarot
  • El Goliath Tarot
  • Ethereal Visions Tarot

To be honest I went into the project fairly certain of which cards I would be choosing from certain decks however I was pleasantly surprised at some of my choices. Some decisions were very easy to make, others, not so much. I am a bit bias at this point in time as I have heavily been working with the Centennial deck to aid in my learning, so for some cards there was no better option than the traditional imagery to take away its meaning. Although all the decks are amazing I was a little surprised as the majority of the cards chosen only came from a few of the decks.


I’m really curious as to what is your perfect tarot? I’m opening up this tag to both Youtube and Instagram for anyone wishing to participate in whatever means you can! Make sure to use #MyPerfectTarot in your post so that I can see your responses!

In the meantime this particular post is easier and better seen and not read. Click on the link below to watch the video and to check out my Instagram as well! I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Click HERE to watch the video


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