The Universal Mind Oracle

The Universal Mind Oracle deck by creator Michelle Black was initially launched as a Kickstarter campaign in March of 2017. THROWBACK!!! Within a month’s time frame the project had exceeded it’s financial goals and met all of stretch goals. After selling out of the edition unfortunately the deck’s creator had decided not to continue that journey with continuing to make the cards. Which in my opinion is a bit of shame as I feel a lot of positivity had come from this deck! However, I fully support individuals decisions to do what they feel are right and take their life in the direction that they feel is best for them.

I was VERY fortunate in being able to get a copy of the deck since it is no longer in print! To be honest, I probably bugged the shit out of Michelle lol. To my surprise she had a few decks left that she never sold and was kind enough to let me purchase one of the remaining decks! Granted, she did say she had a few copies left, so if you are interested in getting one for yourself it’s worth a try to email her and see but no gaurantees.

The deck consists of 44 large 3.5″ x 5.75″ cards, printed on quality 330 GSM satin finish paper, and comes shrink-wrapped. Michelle Black was sweet enough to put mine in a gold draw string pouch and also included a signed copy of her book (Total fandom moment right there)!!!

Pictured above are some of my favorite cards from the deck. This was a slightly difficult task picking which were the top 3 that I wanted to show. Despite the copious amount of beautiful images throughout the deck it boiled down to the best messages for me: Mindfulness, Be Love and Less is More. All of which are very powerful, thought provoking messages that I’m not sure I have seen in any other decks before.

Amidst many of the positive reviews on the deck, there are also some constructive criticisms as to why some people didn’t vibe with this deck. Pictured here are some examples of some key phrases Michelle chose to identify the cards with. Unlike most of the cards these key phrases are two worded. Which, some of the words I could agree at how the message would be confusing having almost two different words. I will use the first card as example as there is no need to go through them all. But, Purpose and Duty are two different meanings. Duty refers more to a job or task that you have to or are expected to do where more than likely is not something you want to do. Purpose is the inner NEED or want to fulfill a deeper meaning within one’s self. These almost opposing terms can potentially be confusing for the reader.

Another area that readers get tripped up on are the elemental symbols. Let’s use the card in the middle: The element depicted is fire for this card. The problem is its a spider, which could be argued as earth. Or perhaps his web is constructed above the brush could be seen as air. So fire? Or the nautical, water, star in the scene of the forest, earth, that is labeled as air? I could see how this would be problematic for those whom heavily rely on the elemental read. My instinct is to trust my intuition and not always follow what is constructed for me. If the spider reads air to me on one query, then air it is! If it reads earth on another then I am open to that interpretation as well.

Sometimes I sit an wonder how much work goes into making a deck… have you ever thought about that? From creating the art/images, the messages, working with a production company to produce your product, decisions with what paper or boxes, to the business aspect of sales and customer service…. I could only imagine the amount of stress a person would be under to make their dream a reality! I know for me personally if I ever attempted to do something this large scale I would probably fuck it all up, lol. I could see the reviews now, two thumbs down! For the Universal Mind Oracle deck my vote is two thumbs up! Sure, there are some things about the deck that can be slightly confusing, I don’t let that hold me back from the beautiful messages I receive from this deck though!

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To watch the full walk through of The Universal Mind Oracle deck

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  1. Hello! Is there “one” deck that you are drawn towards the most and that you work with?


    1. As of right now my go to working deck is the RWS centennial borderless. There are a few I tend to go to often, it just depends on the message/energy they give and what I may need at the time. How about you?


      1. Very similar to you. When reading for someone, I let which ever deck speak to me based on the inquiry.
        I have about six tarot/oracle decks. I’m not a tarot collector as I’m very particular about what decks I allow into my realm.


  2. Anne says:

    Do you have Michelle’s email? I was wondering if she might sell me one of her oracle decks. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m afraid I do not. I would go down the google rabbit hole and see what you can find


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