Madam Clara Fortune Teller Tarot Card Deck 3rd edition

Madam Clara Fortune Teller Tarot Cards has made some improvements to the highly sought after deck and released a bigger better version. Well, maybe not bigger, but certainly better. The card imagery essentially has remained the same but has some upgrades. The cards are brighter with more crisp images to start with. The card stock has improved. Best of all…gold gilded edges…need I say more?

The first two editions went fast so I suspect the same will happen with the 3rd edition as well. Before I continue let’s just cut to the chase… you know the deck…you’ve seen the cards….here….go HERE to purchase the deck. Go ahead…I’ll wait for you to get that part over with. Then you can come back here and finish, I’ll wait patiently. Just don’t forget about me…

The one thing I do enjoy about Madam Clara’s Fortune Teller Tarot cards are the keywords at the bottom of the cards which are reversable. This gives the reader a message of the meaning no matter which direction one is reading. It is perfect for new readers to have those key words available to help intrepret the reading.

Although the deck does not come with a guidebook it DOES come with a really cool draw string bag with the Fortune Teller emblem on it. It’s a fair trade in my opinion. Besides, the deck follows the traditional RWS meaning so it’s not like its difficult to find more information and further meaning. If you don’t already have a tarot book, I know damn well you have the internet if your reading this 😉

I could go on for hours…but I won’t! How about this? Just click the link below and watch the video 😉

Click HERE to watch the video

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  1. queenofwans says:

    I’m really excited about the 5-Cent Tarot by Madam Clara!

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