Pagan Otherworlds 24kt gold limited edition Tarot deck

Watch the video HERE

Let’s start from the beginning…as that seems like an appropriate place to start! Pagan Otherworlds Tarot created by Uusi is an 84 card deck hand painted using oils by Linnea Gits and all lettering is hand written by Peter Dunham. The deck is inspired by the visual beauty of nature, early Celtic mysticism and the beauty of Renaissance paintings. The deck introduces a 23rd Higher Arcana card “The Seeker” and five cards representing the phases of the moon.

All cards are printed on luxurious heavy playing card stock with an embossed linen finish. Standard tarot card deck size inside a heavy paper stock with gold foil embossed tuck box. The tuck box is individually stamped as well, and you BEST believe I will NEVER open that tuck box!

Along with never opening the tuck box I will also never use this deck as a working deck… If your wondering to yourself, why? Maybe you missed the part about it being 24kt gold!?!? Boasting a hefty price of $300 per deck, with only 50 produced I don’t EVER want to damage this deck! It’s an investment for sure.

Uusi was the first and to date the only studio to hand-gild it’s deck using 24kt gold leaf. It is applied with a 400+ year-old traditional hand-gilding technique. Each gilded deck is a rare and unique work of art that requires skilled labor to complete. This for sure made it a highly sought after deck for me.

Now the question is…where and how do I display this? I’m thinking a glass case guarded by a moat of sharks with lazers on their heads… practical right!?!

You can check out Uusi’s website for all their amazing products. Including the normal Pagan Otherworlds Tarot deck, along with their newest edition the Supra Oracle. Or, if you’d like to be 1 of 50 people in the world to own the first gold tarot deck you can purchase it HERE…if they have any left 😉

Watch the video HERE

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