the Color Bliss Crystal Pack Oracle Deck review

The Color Bliss Crystal Pack Oracle Deck, say that five times fast…that’s a tongue twister and a half. Let’s just go with CBCPOD moving forward 😉

The CBCPOD is a 42 card oracle deck featuring beautifully bright, vibrant cards showcasing crystals. The decks creator La Rose des Reves sells the deck and can be purchased HERE. You can also follow her INSTAGRAM which is just as colorful and beautiful as her and her creations.

The deck was created in order to help you find peace and healing through the magical entities that are crystals. Coming in a two piece sturdy box and includes a mini fold out containing one lined descriptions of which area of your life each Crystal will benefit. Essentially there are quick keywords to each of the crystal cards. This can be helpful to those that are not fully familiar with the metaphysical properties of the crystals. I emplore those to have other rescources available about the properties of the crystals as to not restrict the meanings of the crystals as they truly provide an array of benefits that would be difficult to limit to just keywords. For those that are very schooled in these metaphysical properties will find this deck very useful.

La Rose des Reves recommends using the CBCPOD as you would any other Oracle Deck; ask your question, shuffle, and discover which Crystal matches your vibration or which Crystal is needed to maximize your potential. Personally I have found that doing one card daily draws with this deck has served me well. I ask what crystal energy do I need to embody, or know to help guide my day. Using a card as a signifier card or to give further insight into my tarot readings has also proven to be benefitial to me. Personally, I have not been able to use the deck as a traditional oracle deck in the sense that drawing multiple cards doesn’t seem to read the same for me.

Daily Draw

Doing a one card draw for the day gave me the 6 of Cups and Sapphire: There’s wisdom and divinity in remembering the past. Nostalgia, the understanding and acknowledgement of the history that you have built and the relationship with another. That even though in the present may not be ideal or can be a bit sticky at times, its about all the good times and the journey that you both have been through to lead you to this point. Cherish that because its worth more than gold! (Or in this case worth more than a sapphire, lol)

Watch video HERE

Check out the video for the full deck reveal

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  1. Christy Tu says:

    How can purchase the crystal orackle deck?

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    1. At the top of the blog there’s a sentence that says “you can purchase HERE” If you click the ‘HERE’ it will take you to her website where you can purchase the deck. If for whatever reason that doesn’t work please let me know so I can resolve the issue. In the meantime you can google the creators name or the name of the deck to find the site as well. Hope that helps my friend 🙂


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