Tarot Journaling

So, you want to learn the Tarot and don’t know where to start huh? You’ve got 78 cards in your hand and your wondering where do you begin? There are many different tips, tricks and techniques to help you to learn the tarot but one important thing that most recommend is journaling.

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Tarot Journal

Journaling can be a fun creative process that helps you to better connect with the cards. According to a recent study in a forthcoming issue of the journal Psychological Science, using pen and paper, not laptops, to take notes boosts memory and the ability to retain and understand concepts. What this and other tests suggest is that when we write — before we write, although indistinguishably so — we are putting some degree of thought into evaluating and ordering the information that we are receiving. That process, and not the notes themselves, is what helps fix ideas more firmly in our minds, leading to greater recall down the line.

The importance of combining the senses is crucial to my learning process. Auditory, Visual and written information combined is retained easier than just utilizing one of these experiences. To do this I have to get ready: Laptop out, Youtube on ready to listen. Tarot book open and ready to read. Journal open and ready to write.

I work my way through each of the cards writing down any information about the specific card. Personally, I like to combine different writing techniques as well in order to help me better understand the card. I write down standard information about the card, along with keywords or phrases. Inserting quotes that remind me of what the card represents also helps. Then I like to take time and journal about the card.

Supplies I use: Bullet Journal, Elmer’s craft bond, Sharpie colored markers, a pen, tickitape and colored paper. Most of the items I picked up at a local arts and craft store or had lying around the house. Part of my creative process with journaling is putting as much art into my journal as I can. If you’re an artist draw, or if your like me, find a magazine or colored papers, or print off designs from offline that you will want to use in your journal.

There is a lot of information on the web about tarot journaling and what questions you can journal about specific cards. I will not dive that deep into this blog. I want you to understand more of the frame work of what I do and why I do it and perhaps to inspire you to want to do the same. If you don’t like so much structure in how you journal about the card one thing, I suggest is to write about the importance of the card to you. How have you been this character in your life? How has this card impacted your life currently or in the past? What qualities or characteristics about this card are important to you? What do you like or dislike about these qualities? Does this card remind you of a specific person in your life and why?

Applying these questions that are specific to your life are a better way for you to connect with and understand the cards meanings better. My personal favorite is relating the card to someone I know. Even if that person is just a generalized idea of someone, not necessarily a specific person. It provides the framework in my mind for who that card is. What qualities or characteristics that card has? Making it more personal to me helps me to relate to this experience and recall the information much easier.

How do you like to journal? What are some tips and tricks that you find are helpful? Please comment below your experiences and help the Squirrel Nest to learn and grow!

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  1. barbward says:

    Love your blog/ site here. It’s beautifully put together and easy on the eyes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your kind words 🙂


  2. Ashleigh says:

    Pappa Squirrel, I literally only found your YouTube channel and blog this morning as I was browsing much-anticipated oracle decks and tarot decks for 2020. And honestly, it’s SO SUPER AWESOME to see a guy doing Tarot journaling. Seriously, the effort and energy you place into your journaling; it’s truly inspiring and motivational. You make me wanna go dent my money pocket by buying stationary and some more decks…just to start my own creative journey. It’s just super cool to have found your blog! I hope you’ll carry on with this blog for quite some time still! Love, Light, and Peace to you brother!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This makes me so happy to wake up to your positive and uplifting energy! I can just feel your excitement through your writing and it’s making me blush lol. I’m glad I can help motivate the world to spend money on fun creative activities that make people happy, curve boredom, and promote thinking, learning & creativity! 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to comment I hope to be connecting with you more often in the future my friend 🙂


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