the True Black Tarot


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Title: True Black Tarot

Creator: Arthur Wang

Number of Cards: 79

Pages in Guidebook: 112

Card Size: 18pt stock

Top Three Favorite Cards: The Devil, King of Swords, 4 of Pentacles

Every detail has carefully been chosen to embody an exacting perfection, creating a deck that lasts a lifetime and speaks of many more. ~Arthur Wang

Why I bought this deck…

Honestly, I bought this deck for completely superficial reasons and I do not regret that decision at all. This deck is a complete work of art! Every detail from the artistry to the quality of the cards, boxing and shipping was clearly a well thought out design by the creator.

The packaging & guidebook…

The deck comes housed in a foil-stamped book-style magnetic box. Exacting and robustly constructed it is a statement piece. It features a seamless starmap that stretches from front to spine to back. Inside the cover of the box reads: “It is only in darkness that we see the stars.” Personally, is a very profound message that only gives goosebumps to the reader before diving into the deck. The guidebook is a mini black and white book explaining both the imagery and meaning of the cards.

What I liked about it…

Quality, artistry and craftsmanship aside, the symbolism embedded in the interpretation of the classic RWS meanings of the cards are very intriguing. As a new reader to tarot it is very easy to see the message behind the visual representation of the cards. Comparing and contrasting traditional imagery to what Wang has created gives a new insight into his vision. Bringing an ethereal classical image to once symbolic messages almost makes me feel like I’m holding something very powerful in my hands.

Due to the extremely high quality of the cards one negative point to address is the shuffle-ability (yes, it’s a word because I said so). The deck is over twice as thick as a traditional deck and because of the card materials makes it exceedingly difficult to shuffle even for someone with big hands. Though shuffling is difficult one thing I DO like is its easier to do what I like to call ‘the Penny Dreadful fan out.’ For those of you that have ever seen the show, she ever so mystically fans the cards in a crescent moon shape on the table. Now maybe it’s the fact that I’m a newb. Or maybe (for me) most cards have a glossy or texture that is not easily suited for doing the Penny Dreadful fan. But the True Black Tarot is PERFECT for this due to the high quality of the cards! Thusly making me feel more magical and powerful!


For me this deck has a very raw message to deliver. Almost like a guardian, neither like or dark but of omnipotence here to peek deep in Spirit to bring a message of importance. I feel it would be best to work with the shadow side facing truths that must be tackled head on. This deck has a very fire tone to me showing me matters of passion and transformation. Giving strength and insight into my spiritual nature for growth. Shining its light on my true nature as well as the world around me.

Watch the unboxing & walkthru here

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  1. I ordered this deck a few months ago. I can not wait to receive it! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m confident you will be beyond happy with this deck! It’s truly exceptional


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