My Top Most Anticipated Tarot & Oracle deck Releases for 2019

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This year is filled with many new and exciting tarot and oracle decks to be released. Some you may know, others you may not. Artists vary in ways they wish to fund or market their decks. Some use kickstarter while others use their own funding. Marketing can take place on many different media platforms, while others are a little bit more secretive. I’m here today to pull the veil of mystery back and build anticipation for some exciting new decks to come.

25th Century Tarot

Artist Ayla Elmoussa of 25th Century will be releasing her tarot deck by October of this year. Although there is no information on the deck at this time, she is anticipating releasing this information to the public in May with the chance to pre-order the deck. For now, you can check out the art for each of the cards on her site or her Instagram.

Universal Mind Oracle

Artist Michelle Black will be releasing her limited 35 remaining copies of her 44-card oracle deck the Universal Mind Oracle. This is scheduled to be in her Etsy shop come late March/April.

The Pathfinder Oracle Deck

              The Pathfinder Oracle Deck is an entirely new and innovative way to do card readings, and the aim is to help guide the reader to think outside of the box and step away from rigid black and white thinking. Rather than focus on endless layers of crowded symbolism that requires months of memorization and research, I chose to distill the subjects into their most basic and powerful forms to help you help yourself. This deck is for bold individuals and dirt wizards who like to get straight to the point and who aren’t afraid of getting their claws dirty or sand in their shoes.

Artist and creator Andy Swartz who also made the Wooden Tarot, Earthbound Oracle and the Seekers Lenormand is funding the Pathfinder Oracle deck through Kickstarter. This project will only be accepting backing until Sunday March 10th and is expecting its release later in the Fall.

Madam Clara Fortune Teller Tarot Cards

The 3rd edition of Madam Clara’s Fortune Teller Tarot cards accepting preorders now will be shipped out in early April. Quality improvements on the deck include a heavy card stock, premium linen finish, sharper, richer colors, and gold gilded edges with a metallic finish. An 80 card deck inspired by vintage Tarot it includes fortunes based on each meaning of the card allowing for quick 1-card readings.

Queer Street Tarot

Artist and creator J. Ryan will be creating 3 separate decks, but as one will make up the Queer Community Tarot. Decks include:

  • Divine Masculine
  • Divine Feminine
  • Divine Spirit

Divine Spirit will be comprised of non-binary images. The idea is that you can mix and match the decks to build your own “community” in a deck. Purchase together or separate to create your own worlds.

Comment below what decks are you most excited about for 2019?

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