the Spirit Animal Oracle Deck: Review

Title: The Spirit Animal Oracle

Author: Colette Baron-Reid

Artist: Jena DellaGrottaglia

Publisher: Hay House

Number of Cards: 68

Pages in Guidebook: 204

Card Size: wide, oracle sized

Where to Purchase: Colette’s Website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Hay House

Top Three Favorite Cards: Squirrel Spirit, Elephant Spirit, Bee Spirit

Why I bought this deck…

I purchased the Spirit Animal Oracle immediately after I laid eyes on the artistry of the cards. Animal Spirit resonates with my Native blood, an Animal Whisperer and in touch with Nature and Mother Earth these cards spoke to my Soul. Artist Jena DellaGrottaglia does an impeccable job of capturing the essence of each of the animals and really bringing the cards to life through her colorful interpretations of the symbolism behind each of the animals.

The packaging & guidebook…

The box is a hard, durable, magnetic flip top box complete with ribbon inside. A welcoming oracle message: “The spirits residing in the natural world have much to share, and the secrets of their forgotten language are now available to you.” Welcome you upon opening. The guidebook is a 204-page black and white book breaking down the message behind the card along with a few spreads and information on how to work with the deck.

What I liked about it…

Again, the artwork is truly show-stopping. I appreciate the variety of species throughout different ecosystems making this deck very inclusive (considering its only animals).

I recommend these cards for…

For me the deck has an overall earthy feel to it. It is very grounded in its communication. It has worked well for me dealing with the physical or external levels of consciousness. More-so mirroring outer situations of health and creativity. The vibrant energies for me are very motivating as such.


If you are aesthetically drawn to this deck, then BUY IT! I am highly intuitive and generally if I am drawn to a deck, for whatever reason, that means there is a reason behind it… know what I mean? If you like working with Animal Spirit guides and need a deck with an earthy vibe to it then this deck is for you!

Buy it here:

Watch it here:

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