Work Your Light Oracle: Review

The Work Your Light Oracle Deck is a 44 card Oracle Deck created by Rebecca Campbell, artwork by Danielle Noel and produced by Hay House Productions. The Work Your Light Oracle App is also available with Hay House or iTunes so that your able to do readings on the go.

You probably know Rebecca Campbell from her books Rise Sister Rise, Light is the New Black and many of her Spiritual Workshops available both in person and online. The magical mind behind the deck, Danielle Noel also provides the artistry for the gorgeous decks The Starchild Tarot, Starchild Tarot Akashic and The Moonchild Tarot.

The Work Your Light Oracle Deck has been created to help you light up the world with your presence. By working with its five suits and connecting with your intuition, you will be able to start living a life in alignment with who you truly are.

  • Confirmation cards a hit of instant guidance
  • Inquiry cards help you tune in to the whispers of your soul
  • Action cards guide on what action to take
  • Activation cards invoke healing within you
  • Transmission cards connect you with supportive energies


The deck comes in a very sturdy box with finger slits on the side to assist with opening. The box is beautifully adorned with the golden metallic sheen which is a nice theme throughout the deck as well. The box is also a satin matte finish that feels just as rich as the cards. The soft pastel colors soothe the soul and instantly put my soul at peace.

The guidebook of 122 pages in black and white breaks down how to work with the five suits, how to attune your deck, spreads and card meanings. It also gives strong information on energies, symbolism and mythical places that may be unfamiliar to most, including myself. I found this guide to be not only helpful but empowering as well.


I will preface by saying that despite extensive research diving into the abyss of the internet I was unable to come up with any information regarding the size, stock and quality of the cards. I am only able to speak upon my personal experiences.

The cards are slightly taller and much wider than a standard tarot deck size. With a smooth rich matte finish makes it very soft to the touch. That kind of feel you can’t help but want to use the cards often. I have rather big hands so I have no problems manipulating this deck any way I want to shuffle; however, I could see this being an issue for some.


Though this deck is racially inclusive it does seem to be minimally diversified. One thing the deck is lacking is the presence of any male figures. That is not a problem for me, I do appreciate the diversity within decks themselves which I can take away certain things from each. If you are looking for a masculine empowered deck, this is not the deck for you.


Qualifications for making my top favorites are aesthetics, uniqueness and generally what I need or resonates with me at this present point of my life. Meaning favorite cards are forever changing as I myself am an evolving being. At this present moment my top three cards in this deck are:

  • Play: Have fun, celebrate, don’t be too serious
  • Unbound: Releasing soul patterns, contacts and past lives
  • YES: Just say yes


The overall quality and content of the deck is worth purchasing for sure. It gives me a soft, divine feminine energy that although can deliver a message gently, can do it in that stern-motherly loving way. Direct about speaking to the needs of my Spirit and guiding me in a direction to stay on a positive path of motivation, determination and self-care and spiritual healing.

This deck symbolizes Air to me. Communication centered around my mental health. Giving me courage to act and make positive changes. The soft pastel colors even make the read feel light and calming. Just like wind though can pick up and blow with force, so can the messages it gives.


Watch it here:

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